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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does the name Mad Hostel come from?
Well, Mad, aside from meaning we’re a crazy fun hostel, is also short for Madrid. We absolutely love to say “We’re mad about Madrid!” By the time you leave this energetic city we’re positive you’ll be feeling a little mad too!

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2. Is breakfast included? What is on the menu?
Yes, breakfast is available every morning. We have cereal, milk, pastries, and of course coffee.

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3. Is there a kitchen the guests can use?
Yes! Guests can use from 7 a.m. until 3 a.m., so feel free to prepare your favorite meals!

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4. Do we need to take our own sheets or sleeping bag?
Nope! We supply everything you need for your bed including sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. We also have towels that are available for an extra deposit, which will be returned to you upon checkout.

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5. Is smoking permitted in the hostel? Do you sell cigarettes?
Smoking is not permitted in the hostel as Spanish laws prohibit smoking in public buildings. We do not sell them either.

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6. What about drugs in the hostel?
We have a very strict drug policy. No drugs of any kind are permitted in Mad Hostel. Anyone consuming drugs will be forced to leave and further admittance will be refused.

7. What activities are there at the hostel?
We offer activities every day and night of the week! Check out our ‘What’s up’ page for more information on all the action!

8. Is there a place in the rooms where luggage can be left? And what about on departure day?
Yup! Each guest has their own personal locker in the rooms to safeguard his/her belongings. On departure day, we have a luggage room where you can leave your bags for the day. The bags can be left until 10 p.m. If they are left afterwards it is possible they will be searched and/or destroyed.

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