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Legendary parties

Almost all hostels have the same services and amenities: Wi-Fi, kitchen, common rooms, computer, shared rooms ... the "better ones" offer more for the same price: free breakfast buffet to recharge the batteries before heading out to the big city, free activities every day of the week: 3-hour city tour, beer games, Spanish lessons and flamenco classes, cinema, and plenty of other things to make your stay something different and special.

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And then there are the “unique and special ones” and we like to think we are one of the latter, and that's why we are not satisfied with the above. We are continually coming up with parties and events to make your stay not only good, but OUTSTANDING and MEMORABLE.

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At these parties you can try the most typical food and drink, listen to the best Spanish and international music, meet new "travel buddies” and muuuch more! Don’t you dare come to Madrid, and miss one of our parties!
The mythical, the traditional, those that always get to the top:

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Flamenco show
Flamenco spectacle - real and passionate! Enjoy a unique show while testing a typical Spanish food and enjoying your drink! And right after the performance you can discover your talent with your own flamenco lessons, taught by the best artists.

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Spanish party
Olee! Unlimited amounts of sangria, traditional tapas, Spanish typical music and much more. During the party we play different drinking games with prizes definitely worth gaining.

Barbecue and parties in the terraze
Imagine the view of the whole Latina neighborhood, BBQ food and to cool off the heat that is usually here in summer we have for you a wide range of cocktails, beers, different drinks and the best of the company!

Live music / concerts
we have live music all year round and for every musical taste: jazz, rock, pop, traditional, etc…

Thematic parties
Depending on the time of year, we organize special theme parties: VALENTINES DAY, XMAS NIGHT, the great American holiday, the April Fair, Asturian party and many more.

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